Featured artist

Ann Bliss - Pilcher


A brief history

"I grew up in a family of painters. Somehow, I went askew and ended up in ceramics. I love the process of making pots....find it satisfying to form lumps of clay into useful objects with my hands. The inspiration for the decoration I use on my pots comes from nature, which never ceases to amaze me with its complexity and beauty....and keeps me grounded. It's a pleasure to be able to fuse these two interests together.

There’s something very personal and humble about functional pottery. It's art for everyone and a connection to the traditions of the past. That's what I love about it.....the idea of having beautiful handmade objects that are meant to be used and handled every day.....makes that cup of coffee taste just a little bit better."


Development of Style

"I have been involved with ceramics for 13 year and am, for the most part, self taught. My pots are stoneware, and soda fired, which falls under the category of atmospheric firing. It can produce a myriad of unpredictable results which makes it a surprise each time the kiln is opened. I use a variety of techniques in the decoration of my pots, including carving, stamping, wax resist, sgraffito, and brushwork. I strive to make my decoration work in harmony with the shape of the pot."

- Ann Bliss - Pilcher