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Family owned since 1983, The Eureka Company is proud to be one of the pioneer businesses in the historic Armory Square district of downtown Syracuse, NY. Nestled in a restored horse stable, Eureka Co. stands for all things quality and hand-made exclusively by American makers. The same spirit of hard work and discovery that lead true adventurers across America in search of gold lives here within these walls. Here you will find  a diverse and curated collection of contemporary hand-made wares in ceramics, wood, metal, leather, jewelry, paper and more.


Liam and Fiona are the first brother-sister team in the third generation of the Eureka Company. We are artists and dreamers who are passionate about innovative creativity and the power it has to connect communities and grow cultures across the country of America. We are dedicated to discovering and fostering a community of over 300 makers across the states to bring Eureka Co. the highest quality goods possible. 



The Movement and Our Community


The american arts and crafts movement

The Arts and Crafts movement was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts. Coming to North America in the late 1800s, the movement helped portray the American ideal of the time and a long lasting tradition to this day. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, the American Arts and Crafts movement strove for a deeper connection between consumer and product in place of mass produced items on the market. 

Upstate New York and the larger Syracuse area were host to many of the frontiering businesses within the movement and included architecture, city planning, decorative home goods, furniture and more. Locally, Stickley Furniture has a rich history creating wooden furniture and publishing the first crafts magazine which helped to localize and connect communities in the larger Syracuse area. 

The beauty of hand made goods from this movement is bonded with the idea of supporting artisans within their craft while also creating new relationship between seller and buyer. You will always have a one of a kind item made by human hands sourced from American materials. Buying locally also supports the larger education  of the public as well as positive community growth through exchange of ideas and visual communications. 



what it is now

At Eureka Co., we strive to support one another and give opportunity to all through lovingkindness and the arts. Each item from our store comes directly from the hands of makers around the country. This means that American families are supporting one an other in each's endeavor through the buying and selling of American goods. It also means that new ideas are being exchanged every day to  better  relate to one another and grow a unified community that finds value in the arts. 

Today, you will still find the highest quality of material and design just as when the American Arts and Crafts movement first began. With such a creative group of makers in America, Eureka Co. provides a platform for their new ideas and innovative design to shine through resulting in contemporary hand made goods. 

We also believe that the ideal of the American Arts and Crafts movement extends further into the community outside of our direct reach within the arts communities. This means that we are community building enthusiasts and love to connect with other local businesses in the Syracuse area. We wholesale many additional items including coffee, olive oil, and wine from local business in hopes of bringing everyone together. You can find many of our products like ceramic mugs and plates at local coffee shops as well as our staff and fellow makers organizing local community events. We often have museum nights with the Everson Museum of Art in downtown Syracuse as well as live music events in partnership with local venues. 

Come by and support your community today!





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